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The reviews are in for Theatre on the “virtual” Coast!

Times may be tough right now, but against all odds Theatre on the “virtual” Coast has triumphed with its first ever virtual season, supported once again by Suffolk Secrets.

The season featured a range of performances – from brand-new premieres to comedy – and was enjoyed both nationally and internationally online, as shown by the reviews and testimonials published on this page.

All 4 One

Our first performance was All 4 One, written by award-winning writers Jan Etherington and Gavin Petrie. The story centres around a grandmother who summons her son and grandsons for a crisis meeting and, since she is Queen of England, the stakes could not be higher. Take a look at the audience’s reviews below for All 4 One:

I really enjoyed All 4 One. I especially loved the ending as I don’t believe the parallels between Harry and Meghan and the Queen and Philip’s time in Malta have been mentioned before.
Libby Purves

The Times

We’ve seen two shows so far and we’ve been blown away by their quality and their technical ingenuity. Both are world premieres: All for One features the Royal Family conference that terminated in the departure of Harry and Meghan to Canada. It’s very moving and beautifully cast and acted. I loved it.
Barry Tolfree

All 4 One… was a triumph! – we really enjoyed it!
Carol & Nick Horton

What trying times these are. It is to your credit that your play is out there with all the big players. And how lovely to make people laugh!
Thank you for both a fun and thoughtful afternoon.
Paul & Barbara Hegarty

It was simply lovely and we were thrilled to be there for the first ‘night’. The acting was superb and such a clever ending.
Susan Leng

I absolutely loved it and I think you are all wonderful to have embarked on what must have been a very challenging new venture. I thought the writing and the acting were excellent too.
Eileen Kidd

I have just watched the Saturday performance of All 4 One on my iPad. It was amazing!! I can’t recommend it enough. The story was based on the Queen and other members of the royal family discussing with Harry his wanting to live in Canada (which actually took place early this year). The performance was excellent, the dialogue quite believable in the more serious moments, but best of all was being able to watch it home.
Eunice Price

Success! We’ve just finished watching it and really enjoyed it – bravo!
Pippa Cross

Just watched the play, it is very good. I’m now looking forward to watching the rest of the season. Virtual theatre, what a great idea!
Sue Taylor

What a pleasant and welcome change yesterday evening! Loved the play, loved being able to experience live theatre again…..well done all of you!  Thought chap who played Harry was terrific…but they all were.  I clapped you…hope you heard me!!
Annie and Bob Curtis

Beyond INK

In Beyond INK, the programme presented three new productions of work first seen at the country’s biggest new short play festival:

Dog on a Beach by John R Goodman
Bus Stop by Daniel Allum
Invisible Irene by Jackie Carreira

Take a look at the reviews below:

Your “virtual” season was a real treat! Thank you for all the hard work that must have gone into producing such a varied and enjoyable programme.
Lesley Steel

Loved all three of these. Amazing acting by three talented people… wonderful work and at £44 for all plays it’s definitely worth it!
Lesley Broadbent


Our second premiere, Attagirls! by Stewart Ross, celebrated the contribution made by women pilots of the Air Transport Auxiliary during World War II. Here’s what the reviews say about Attagirls!:

Congrats on Attagirls!… Great stuff. Brilliant story, funny and touching. Total commitment from everyone. Such an achievement getting all that up and running during this weird and insecure time.
Paul Englishby

Film & Theatre Composer, Royal Shakespeare Company/Luther

A really good response to the terrible restrictions of the lockdown – very, very well done to the whole team
Griselda Musset

I REALLY enjoyed the performance.
Mike Davis

Attagirls!… is about three of the young women pilots who delivered fighters and bombers to airfields during WW2. It’s technically ambitious and a visual treat. Can’t wait to see the rest of the season.
Barry Tolfree

I thoroughly enjoyed… yesterday evening. The characters were great and the dialogues very engaging. Loved the set too, and the cast did a superb job. Well done for highlighting an important part of British history.
Cath Senker

Encore – loved it!
Christopher Jeffs

Many thanks to all concerned, not just the actors but also the set building team and lighting – the cockpit set for Attagirls! was brilliant!
Chris & Joan Ure

At a time when very few theatres, even in London, are able to mount live performances, we consider Southwold Summer Theatre has has done an excellent and praiseworthy job in mounting new productions in front of a live audience and live streaming them afterwards. This is a great accomplishment. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the theatre to see Attagirls!
Virginia & Geoff Berridge

The Peg Lynch Players

Astrid King and A Funny Woman presented The Peg Lynch Players. Comic genius from Astrid’s mother, Peg Lynch, a pioneer in TV and Radio. The show was devised and performed with Tim Fitzhigham. Take a look at the review below.

Fantastic show. Very funny and well worth watching. Looking forward to the shows being digitised. What a genius she was!
Sue Taylor

Robert Powell in Charles Dickens, a Celebration

We were then treated to International star Robert Powell in his one man show Charles Dickens, a Celebration. Check out the review below.

Robert Powell was BRILLIANT. Thank you and can we have more like this please.
Anne Merrett

Denis King's Optimistic People

Denis King and Sarah Redmond were then joined by Robert Powell to create an evening of hilarious entertainment, featuring songs and stories from a life in music, the theatre and film. Take a look at this review!

Well done in the face of our COVID world for offering such a fantastic line up!
Madeleine Wynn